A Colorado native who talks too much. Who, if not an artist, would be an author. Obsession and appreciation for attention to detail mixed into technical skill has made Olivia a master at her craft. At only 3 years into the industry, she has already gained a

sterling reputation among some of Colorado's most prestigious venues and planners. A open book person turns blank canvases into a one of a kind painting, truly epitomizing the saying "Narratives on Canvas".


On a personal level, Olivia is a mom to 2 real babies and 1 fur baby. She has been married for 7 years to her own best friend and states that she is moved every time she hears a couple say their vows and tears up watching every first dance as it reminds her of her own fairytale love. She is a huge advocate for the Arts, spending her free time supporting local theater and local musicians in food halls and coffee shops. She frequently visits the North Boulder Art District to support live figure drawing classes. She firmly believes in community over competition and has befriended all the other live wedding painters in Colorado and also has a strong social media presence. She was recently interviewed for a podcast in the UK where the host raved about her friendliness. She is not currently travelling outside of Colorado for weddings.

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